Maxilla-Facial Implant #1 Maxilla-Facial Implant #2 Maxilla-Facial Implant #3

In 2008 AXIA was approached by a Consultant Surgeon with the concept of manufacturing a customised titanium implant to help a patient who had experienced severe facial trauma. Through the development of previously untried and unproven software & processes, and in conjunction with the sugeon, the AXIA team designed an implant that was a precise fit for the patient. To ensure the implant was sugically capable of being fitted, a full size skull and implant were 3D printed in-house ABS plastic, which enabled the sugeon to trial the surgical process. Once the implant was confirmed correct, the CAD files were used to additive maufacture the implant by electron beam fusing titanium powder.  The development of this innovative end-to-end process was a world first.